Importance Of Food Tourism

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2.5 Food as tourist Destination
Tourists perceive attraction for a reason other than climate, accommodation and captivating scenery that and that why food is become a fundamental element as a product. According to (Frochot, 2003) the food related tourism can allow the traveller to get the desired goal of relaxation, excitement, escapism, status, education and lifestyle. Besides that, the food and beverages as destination products has becomes as motivator for tourist visiting a destination. It is important not to confusing food tourism and consumption of food during travel. This is because the tourist or traveller desire to eat interesting product in suitable environment. (Hall and Mitchell, 2000) define that the food tourism as visiting food exhibition, food festival, restaurant and specific locations for which food tasting and experiencing food are the primary factor for travelling an and it has similar definitions of food tourism include culinary, gourmet and gastronomic tourism stated (Boniface, 2003; Hall and Sharples, 2003; Long, 2004). The differences between food tourism and food as part of travel experience is evident in research that has classified tourist based on the values of food in the overall of their vacations. More and more people are travelling for reasons of gastronomy as (Bessiere, 1998; Hall and Sharples, 2003; Long, 2004) said, and for a result, food tourism has gained a higher profile as a pull factor in destination making marketing.

2.6 Push and Pull

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