The Importance Of Football Offside In Basketball

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Basketball is fast pace game where you play for 48 minutes but you play 4 quarters for 12 minutes whereas in football you play for 90 minutes and 2 quarters for 45 minutes the break is known as halftime. Football isn't a fast pace game like basketball this because a football pitch is bigger than a basketball court also they don't stop time in a basketball game until the end of the quarter and in football time is stopped but also added in as extra time.

Tripp off / Kick off
During a game of basketball you start with a tip off and it is taken at the centre of the court with a large circle, you must only have two jumpers at one on the left side of the court and the other on the right side no one else is allowed in the jump circle apart from
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Offsides happens while your attacking this is when you have striker and a midfielder and the defences last had been passed by the striker without the ball but then the midfielder passes the ball to the striker then it will be an offside. The linemen are the people who are In charge of the offside rule because they are usually in line with the…show more content…
A two footed tackle is when you side on the floor and sticking out both legs trying to injury the player or get the ball and if the slide tackle is executed well then they may get the a foul against them and not a card this is because they were being reckless. This is because it's not sportsmanship because it can lead to breaking your opponents legs causing them not to be able to play which can handicap the team giving a disadvantage if that was one of their best players. If you are given a red card due to the action of a two footed tackle you will miss out some games for example the primeur league you miss out one

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