Importance Of Foreign Language In Pakistan Essay

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problem is that the children who get education in native language consider as illiterate. Another drawback is that there is lack of native books for higher study. English is an international and official language which is started from higher school system in public school. It is greatly influenced on our education system. The need for learning English for travelling abroad getting good and social purposes. The students must be used international language for achieving their destination. English has become the language of power and prestige. The private school use English as a medium of instruction and follow western style of teaching and rules. Elite class prefer private school rather than public school. Exposure to English making religious and cultural intolerance in Pakistan. This class distinction should be diminished.
 Native and international language should be necessary in all type of school system.
One system for all
Education plays a vital role in the progress of a country and responsible for its success. Education in Pakistan has divided into four categories. First the Cambridge school system, where the foreign syllabus is taught. They are very expensive and only for elite class people. Middle class can’t afford it. This school system creates
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Those nations get economic progress which gave importance to the education. Gender discrimination has bad impact in the progress of the country. In Pakistan education is prioritized for boys on the other hand girls are forced to stay at home. But there are some evidences that the girls are so intellectual and becoming more academically success than boys. In Pakistan boys have right to get education to earn the bread and to work and sustain the house while the girls are forced to stay at home and plan for their wedding. In the contrary a capable women can play a vital role in the development and progress of the economy of the

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