Forensic Science History

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Forensic Science is the application of science or rather the method of gathering and examining information pertaining to a particular situation. It is a science which is used for the purpose of the law( example checking the relevance of facts etc), and therefore it is supposed to provide an impartial and also an unbiased scientific view, which can later be used and also enforced as relevant evidence in a court of law
Although forensic science can be used for both, civil and criminal cases, it is the criminal cases where usually forensics come into play for example, DNA evidence is used in various criminal cases to identify as to who all were present at scene of crime.Forensic science which encompasses of DNA, hair analysis, saliva, semen,
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In early Roman times, a criminal charge meant that the case had to be presented before a group of public individuals( known as a jury in today’s time) in the forum. Both, the victim and the accused would have to explain their side of the story. The individual who would be able to give a convincing argument and delivery would determine the result of the case. This origin is basically the source of the two modern usages of the word forensic, firstly as a form of legal evidence and secondly as a category of public…show more content…
This section has nowhere stated that the medical practitioner shall be entitled to personally collect semen, blood, hair root, urine, vaginal swab, etc for the purpose of investigation. By the amendment Act of 2005 the CrPC which has amended and then also added S. 53A which states that a person accused of rape should be examined by a medical practitioner. Also the amendment act of 2005 the amended explanation now includes within its ambit, the examination of blood, blood stains, semen, sputum, swabs, sweat , hair samples and finger nails by the use of the various modern techniques regarding cases of sexual offences also including DNA profiling and such other tests which is necessary in a particular case.
The case, the murder of Leanne Trieane is considered as a landmark case in the field of forensic science as that case was built and won entirely on the basis of forensic evidence found near the body and also at the victim’s house. Also the famous case of the night stalker was solved and the accused was identified all on the basis of one fingerprint. In India too, there was a landmark case where the in-law’s of the victim had been found guilty due to the blood analysis and footprint at the scene of
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