Importance Of Forensic Science To Crime Scene Investigation

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In getting a better understanding of the importance of forensic science to crime scene investigation, I propose the following questions. What is forensic science and how important is it to crime scene investigation? How has the history of forensic science affected crime scene investigation and the reason why it works, does it still work today? What is a crime scene? What is physical evidence? Forensic science may be described as the scientific approach to solving a crime. The examination of physical evidence from the scene of the crime may help the crime scene investigators identify the perpetrator, free the innocent or even identify victims while corroborating witness statements, just to name a few. Physical evidence at a crime scene may take the form of blood, saliva, documents, drugs, fibers, glass and fingerprints to name a few. A crime scene is s place where a crime has occurred and has within its purview, any area where evidence can be found. The use of deductive and inductive reasoning to gain knowledge of the events surrounding the crime. Crime scene investigation is multidisciplinary and involves a systematic search of the crime scene; meticulous observation and documentation of the scene; photography and sketching of the scene; the identification, processing and collection of physical evidence such as fingerprints, footwear impressions, hair, fibers, biological fluids, and materials for DNA analysis; and. perhaps most important, the application of careful

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