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1.0 Introduction In workplace warehouse, factory, shipping yard, terminal and other worksite operation, forklift are widely use to lift, stack and transfer loads. While forklift offer practical material handling solution for many business, each year they continue to be associated with workplace death and injuries, the human and financial cost of forklift related incidents for employees, industry and the community is substantial. Forklift incident can be prevented especially when employees and employers work together. Forklift are prominent accident in workplace in Malaysia All forklift operation must have all precaution aspect with necessary precaution taken when carry out observation and risk assessment of current forklift operation to ensure…show more content…
improving productivity or reducing manual handling) they also result in numerous occupational hazard, especially when frequent interaction with pedestrian occurs (Horberry et all.,2004).Larson and Rechnitzer (1994) indicate that forklift have been identify over a number decade as having significant impact on serious and fatal injury .They are stated that forklift are inherently…show more content…
As employer to ensure all site where forklift is used shall access their compliance with the minimum requirement and should benchmark current management of forklift operation. There 7 Element principles and important of safe handling of forklift (Forklift Operators Safety & Guides.,2012) Element 1: Operators must be qualified and competent The first step of principle and important of safe handling of forklift Company should have established workers competency and operating forklifts should only be done by individuals who have been trained properly and contain a licence to operate the equipment. The importance of forklift driver training has shown its importance over the years especially in Malaysia when it was recently added to the Schedule of Factories and Machinery (Persons-in-Charge) (Amendment) Regulations 20 an occupier shall provide adequate training and supervision to operator of machinery set in schedule Factories and Machinery (Persons-in-Charge) schedule mentioned material handling equipment including forklift, conveyor ,stacker, excavator ,tractor ,dumper or bulldozer, With this laws all organizations in Malaysia which has forklift operators must conduct a competency course

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