Importance Of Free Time In Fahrenheit 451

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Our time is mostly spent working at school and sleeping. We spend our free time watching television or on our cellular device and we don't do anything that involves thinking or anything physical. The United States spends less leisure time than most countries around the world like Europe. In Fahrenheit 451 there are two types of people. There's people like Mildred that spend the whole day in front of a screen and people like Clarisse that actually spend time outside and interact with people, but there's more people like Mildred than there’s people like Clarisse. People in our society, like the people in Fahrenheit 451 dont take time for themselves since they are always “busy”.
Leisure time is free time that can be used to do anything we want but we don't use that time to do anything productive instead we spend that time watching a show or movie when we could spend that time at a park with the family having fun not sitting in a couch just blankly staring at a screen. We don't seem to interact with family and friends as much as we spend our time working to get more money and we seem to forget what is really important. Spending time with friends and family is important because they can help you overcome hard times and can be there to celebrate the
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I would really like to see our society become more like Clarisse and the europeans because they seem to enjoy the world and they don't seem to have any regrets. Mildred is the description of all americans when it comes to spending their free time doing nothing but sitting in a couch blankly staring at a screen that makes you lose track of time. Carisse would be the description of the european people because they like to spend time interacting with people and not in front of a screen. Hopefully one day the whole world will realize that spending time with family and friends is something that is necessary in order to live a full and happy

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