Importance Of Freedom In America Essay

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When people think of America one of the first things that comes to mind is freedom. I personally think that freedom describes our country in a great way because that is one of the ideas that our country was built on. It gives us the right to make the choices we want, think what we want to think, and do what we want to do within the limits of the law. I think that in our country Freedom is often overlooked and some people often misuse it. In this day and age it is important to notice how people abuse freedom, what freedom looks like, and why freedom is important to the people of this country.

In the United States of America People abuse their right to having freedom far too much. The first instance that this takes place in is the freedom of
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and/or political figures and celebrities. When the term sexist comes up it is usually happens between two genders and commonly has to do with one not being able to do the others job, not having the strength of the other, or not having the intelligence of the other person.This all goes along with disrespectful comments as well, but these types of comments are often made between students and youth.these reasons thus prove that many people use the freedom of speech to get away with saying many hurtful things. Another right that falls under the category of overuse is the right to protest. In our modern day America it has become a typical thing for people to regularly protest. Lately this has been happening over police affairs. A person who is typically breaking the law or under suspicion of the police will fail to follow orders and get shot and killed in fear of the police officer's own safety. People see this and feel the need to protest over it. Given a few times the cops were wrong for shooting some of these people who did nothing wrong, but now that it happens more, people feel that they must protest every time. I believe that the main reason this happens is because people become misinformed of what has actually happened and rather than seeking out details
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