Importance Of Freedom In Childhood

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The one thing that I miss most about my childhood is the freedom. Although it 's not like I was able to roam free after school like my other friends did when I was young, but I found freedom in my own ways. My mother, a housewife back then, had time to discipline me into coming back home on time and made sure I did my work. As a result of my wild ways back in school, I crawled into every loophole I could find in her rules, and occasionally managed to sneak in a few hours of play time after school without her knowledge. Those stolen hours of pure leisure and enjoyment were spent in the company of my clique at various locations near my school and neighbourhood. Whether it was a small playground, a deserted corner near my house, or a hilly…show more content…
This is what causes me to lose mental freedom and gain unnecessary inhibitions as I grew up. This is why I sorely missed that kind of freedom from my childhood. I missed being myself and doing what makes me happy and contented. Teenagers and adults pay a heavy price for their deep repression of thoughts about staying true to themselves and making themselves happy. Instead of fulfilling their own happiness, they constantly think of ways to conform to stereotypical societal standards and not standing out in the crowd, because they are not sure if praise would come forth or the much dreaded criticisms and social stigma that would be imposed upon them. That 's a sign of mental captivity, and a pivotal factor that leads to the alarmingly increasing rates of depressions and suicide cases in these people worldwide. Suicide is the third-leading cause of death for young people aged 15 to 24. Approximately 20 percent of teens experience depression before they reach adulthood. Alarming. The prevalence of lack of self esteem in the young paves a more convenient road to depression. This is what I 've gathered after reading numerous poignant stories online about how people slipped into depression, and how they escaped its
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