Importance Of Freedom Of Media

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Research Article on the Innovative Considerate On Freedom of Press and Media
Abstract: Freedom refers to the state of liberty, or right and privileged to speak and act according to one’s own will. Press and media (print, electronic and online) are the most important medium of expressing opinion of the people in a democratic country that justifies one’s individual right to speech and expression, a coveted right enshrined in the Indian constitution and in the constitution of other countries on the globe.
Press generally refers to the newspaper industry. In modern world, besides newspaper, there are various forms of news-media such as television and radio broadcasting, online news websites and blogs, etc. India is a democratic country. The Indian constitution guarantees the “freedom of speech and expression” as a fundamental right of every citizen of India. The restrictions that apply to the “freedom of speech and expression” also apply to the “freedom of press and media”.
Keywords: Press, Media, Democracy, Indian constitution

Freedom of the press and media is very important. All the press or news-media enjoys better freedom in a democratic country. Independent press and news-media acts as an important check on management and Administrators. The duty of a free press is to raise voice against any social ill or wrong. It has been said that internal vigilance is the price of independence. They raise voice against any autocracy, corruption, and malpractices. The

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