Importance Of Freedom Of Religion Essay

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FREEDOM OF RELIGION At the international legal level, freedom of religion is enshrined in article 18 ICCPR. The Constitution of the DPRK guarantees religious freedom in its article 68: “Citizens shall have freedom of religion. This right shall be guaranteed by permitting the construction of religious buildings and the holding of religious ceremonies. Religion shall not be used in bringing in outside forces or in harming the State and social order.” In its 2009 report to the UPR, the Government contended that State and religion are separate and that all religions are equal. It also stated that religious practitioners are free to have a religious life and to perform ceremonies according to their own religious rules at family worship centres and other facilities. In this same report, the Government also mentioned the existence of religious organisations, such as the Korea Christian Federation, Korea Buddhists’ Federation, Korea Roman Catholic Association, Korea Cheondogyo Society and Korea Religionists’ Society. It pointed out that several churches and temples have been restored or newly built and that religious education is available about Christianity, Buddhism, and Cheondogyo. At Kim Il-Sung University, a Department of Religion has been established according to the Government, however, there are reportedly only four State controlled Christian churches in Pyongyang and an estimated 60 Buddhist temples but most are regarded as cultural relics, although religious activity is

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