Importance Of Freedom Of Speech

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We are in the 21st Century which adage certain methodical and ground-breaking innovations in the field of literature, science, technology and other interconnected fields. In fact this process of progress which the society witnessed in the later part of the 20th century, after much hard struggles for freedom and in the period of independence, we trailed side by side with the developed and developing countries and had left a smudge for ourselves. We have contributed meaningfully to the all-round development of our country India in almost all the fields. From the very ancient times we were known for our culture, for our art and literature and for our religious developments and aids. It is an established fact that the Constitution of India guarantees most vital and vivacious rights to its citizens. These rights also include certain fundamental freedoms. Expression is a matter of liberty and right. The liberty of thought and right to know are the sources of expression. Free Speech is conscious cord of the democracy. Freedom of expression is integral to the growth, development and fulfillment of individual personality. Freedom of expression is most essential in a democratic setup of State where people are the Self-governing rulers. Iver Jennings said, “Without freedom of speech, the appeal to reason which is the basis of democracy cannot be made” . Milton in his Aeropagitica says that without this freedom there can be no health in the moral and intellectual life of

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