Importance Of Freedom To Protest

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‘We knew it was a bit risky, because the police can pick us up very easily.’ ‘But we want changes in Hong Kong, for our own future, our families, our upcoming generations, so we came out.’ Said Ansah, one of the participators in ‘Occupy Central with Love and Peace’(OCLP).

Protesters were passionate about fulfilling their rights of protest, to change the current situation that Hong Kong was lack of democracy. Therefore, they came out and fight for justice, no matter how dangerous it is. It sounds great to have them. However, there were some people said they were making Hong Kong messier and more diverged. Does the freedom to protest's benefits outweigh the negative consequences? That is the question in my mind. In this essay, points of the two stances will be covered, and inserted with some philosophic and sociologic concepts.
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Freedom of speech and freedom to protest are closely related - Free speech would not exist if we are not allowed to express our feeling in public spaces. Both negative freedom can be found in Articles 10 and 11 of the Human Rights Act, which means they are both necessary and fundamental right since we have born. These rights can be limited by law to protect others’ interests, only when the limitation is appropriate in a democratic society. For example, no one is legal to spread hateful lies or messages of terrorist. Also, no one is allowed to join violent gatherings. However, recently, there are some measures introduced which undermine the freedom to protest. For instance, Protest around Parliament has been hardly restricted limiting the negative freedom to protest around Parliament. Therefore, we should treasure this weakening fundamental negative freedom to

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