Importance Of Friendship In Freak The Mighty

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Friendship “A best friend is someone who you can talk to, who won’t judge you, they love you for you, and most of all, makes you feel like you are worth something.” This quote is important because, in the novel Freak the Mighty, Max and Freak demonstrated a strong friendship. They accepted each other without judgement. Friendship is very important because it can get you through hard times, as shown in “Freak the Mighty”. Many people agree that trust is needed in a good friendship. In the novel, when Max goes into the pond to hide from Tony D and his crew; Kevin trusts Max to keep him safe. Earlier, Freak was giving Max directions on how to get to the pond. That shows that they trust each other. Freak trusted Max to keep him safe and…show more content…
Freak and Max helped each other with almost everything. School was a big part of it. Max was always thought to be a dumb student by all the teachers, but Freak showed them that they were wrong. Max knew the answer a lot of the times, but he just didn’t like public speaking. Max had a learning disability, so it made it harder for him to read and write. Freak helped Max with that a lot. Freak also helped Max with his vocabulary with all of the big words that he used, Freak made a dictionary with all of his favorites. Max studied that and it helped him get a better vocabulary. Max helped Freak by helping him move. On their many adventures; Max carried Freak on his shoulders. In return, Freak guided Max on where to go. The biggest help was when Freak saved Max from Killer Kane. Killer Kane had a tight grip around Max’s neck, and was probably going to kill him if Freak hadn't showed up. Freak had a water gun that he said was filled with acids and things that would make his eyes burn out, but it was really only filled with soup and curry powder. He shot Killer Kane right in the eyes, and got him arrested. It was so important because he saved Max’s life. Many friendships are formed by helping someone in

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