Part Time Indian Friendships

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How friendships are gained and get stronger

When people think about friends, they usually have their own unique stories and experiences. Anyone who has read The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian by Sherman Alexie knows that the main character of the book, Arnold, is the same way. When we talk about Arnold's pals, we think of Rowdy; his friend from the reservation. We also think of the friends that he gained from when he moved to Reardan High School which were Gordy, Roger and Penelope. Through these friends, Alexie shows us that friendships can be gained and grow stronger from new and unique experiences like, tough love, small actiones turning into bigger relationships and kindness and generosity. First, Alexie shows us, through Gordy and Rowdy, that true friends will show you tough love. This is shown when Arnold has some internal conflict
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This is shown when Roger and his gang come up to Arnold and Roger says an offensive joke. Arnold then proceeds to punch Roger in the face. Roger then says, “You punched me. I can't believe you punched me” in a surprised tone (Alexie 65). After this altercation, Roger shows Arnold more respect. After awhile of Roger showing Arnold respect, their relationship a big leap forward. While at a diner with some buddies, Arnold couldn't pay for his meal so Roger gave Arnold forty bucks to pay for his meal. In the same way, Arnold goes against Mr. Dodge and says, “Petrified wood is not wood”(Alexie 84). Then Mr. Dodge got really mad and asks Gordy, the genius of the class, to tell arnold that he is wrong , but Gordy stuck up for Arnold and says, “Arnold is right about the petrified wood”(Alexie 86). Through Roger and Gordy, Alexie is showing us that smaller altercations can spark respect that will light new friendships. This is another one of the ways that friendships can be brought
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