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GT Mentorship Essay “Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other”- John F. Kennedy. GT Mentorship can offer me both of these qualities: leadership and learning. This program is great for me because it offers me the perfect opportunity to pursue my dreams as an astronautical engineer. It will also help me experience the actual work environment and develop innovative ideas. An astronautical engineer is a specific type of aerospace engineer involved with the movement of celestial and man-made objects outside of Earth’s atmosphere like rockets, satellites, and probes. An astronautics engineer focuses on designing, building and testing rockets, shuttles, missiles, and spacecrafts beyond the Earth’s atmosphere. It also deals with many…show more content…
This way I will be more prepared for what is to come when I enter college and get a job in this career. I have always loved the field of space and flying. Since I was three years old I wanted to be a pilot, then an astronaut, and then an astronautical engineer. Outside of astronautics, GT Mentorship also offers me new ways to learn innovative techniques, leadership qualities, and teamwork which are essential for a professional work environment. The program will also provide an opportunity to find mentors that can aid me further in my career. Another key skill I can learn from Mentorship is how to communicate with people within a professional work…show more content…
I not only love sci-fi, fantasy, and adventure on the fiction side but also science and history. My favorite sciences and histories to read are psychology, astronomy, biology, and physics as well as philosophy and world history. My excitement for reading will be very useful in GT Mentorship because I will enjoy researching astronautical engineering. I am not someone who obstacles come to but someone who goes to obstacles. In other words, I am always looking for challenges and opportunities to make my gears turn. I thoroughly enjoy working with others no matter how they are because I always try to see the good in everyone, and everyone has some talent. With this philosophy, I enjoy working with everyone and anyone. Due to my love of reading, in the second grade I got the highest overall Accelerated Reading Score in the entire school. A byproduct of my love for reading and knowledge was the opportunity of being able to skip fourth grade, which I did. My current way of time management is to finish at least two days before anything is due and to work consistently little by little every day. I also always do the less enjoyable activates first and keep the exciting ones for later. That way, even if I am tired I will still be motivated to do

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