Gender Budgeting Analysis

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2.1Gender Budgeting Statement
Gender budget statement is a tool that government of India has institutionalised across several ministries and departments for analysing government expenditure. Gender budget statement along with the union budget is presented every year since 2005-06 by Ministry of Finance. The statement comprises of two broad categories or parts:
Part A, which details schemes/programmes exclusively benefitting in which 100% allocations are for women; and
Part B, which reflects schemes those schemes / programmes by which women are benefitted indirectly, where allocations for women constitute at least 30% of the provisions.
At present, gender budget cells have been formed 54 ministries and also provides annual reports how budget
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Figure 1 depicts, the percentage share of women specific programmes, where 100 percent allocation for women is provided is decreasing gradually except the year 2008-2009 with an average percentage share of 27.91 % whereas the percentage share of programmes in which women are having only 30 % allocation of budget is increasing with an average percentage share of 72%.
2.2 Gender Auditing- it is a process to examine and analyse the programmes and policies which were the basis of gender responsive budgeting. Gender auditing checks the ground reality whether the policies are working in aright manner or not as well as whether the flow of fund is sufficient or not. It thereafter gives the core reason of problems in the way of minimizing discrimination among gender.
3.GRB Initiatives in India- an Approach to Women Empowerment
Government of India has taken lots of initiatives for empowering women. Lots of scheme, policies and training programmes has been launched at national and state level for the empowerment of women. Some of the programmes related to economic empowerment of women are mentioned
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The impact of few GRB programmes in different places in India is highlighted in the below case study.
5.1 Sunder bans –West Bengal (Technology assist the rural women)
Sunder ban, situated in west Bengal offers numerous problems to the women living in terms of geographical challenges, health, livelihood and all the basic amenities. All of these pushing them into death and poverty. As a GRB initiative the department of science and technology (DST) had implemented a scheme called science and technology for women and with a basis of focus providing technology input to women in rural areas. The Vivekananda institute of biotechnology in sunder ban has been working for the people at grass root level through technology interventions along with the Ministry of science and technology, SEED (science for equity and empowerment division). A laboratory for soil testing as well as for computer training is established here. The institute has been supporting a project and giving training to the local women in banana tissue culture. This training in sunder ban is a part of women Technology Park in Sagar islands. The women technology park was a place for the rural women to gain input on technologies that help in upgrading their skills and enhancing their

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