Gender Diversity In The Workplace Essay

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Diversity is defined as any characteristics, quality, or even uniqueness that would emphasize to the action of recognizing, accepting, and respecting. Diversity itself has a wide varies, just like ethnicity, sexual orientation, social status, economy status, age, physical abilities, beliefs, religion, gender, race, and etc. Hereby authors will concern on the diversity that exist within gender.
Gender diversity has always been an interesting issue in ethics, especially business ethics. Not only becoming an interesting issues for today’s business, but also had already been a serious issues in past time. Let say back then women were not allowed to work as men did, women were only commanded to stay at home. Men back then recognized the diversity, but they were still lacking of both accepting and respecting the existence of gender diversity.
Gender diversity in the workplace issues most likely will refer to the inequality of gender in the workplace.
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Most board room candidates is dominated by the men. The existence of gigantic corporate standard such as WorldCom, Enron, and other famous corporate scandal has captured the world’s attention and resulting to renew debates on the corporate governance itself, specifically the composition and role of the board room (Terjesen et al. 2009). Then many countries in the world decided to create new corporate governance legislation and some even more focus on improving the gender diversity in board room. And finally resulting in the increasing of women role in the board room composition (Vinnicombe et al. 2008). From all types of board diversity, gender diversity tend to stand out more as one of important issues in corporations (Carter et al. 2003). The issue on gender diversity is actually has become very interesting not only for the literature of diversity itself but also in social and political literature (Kang et al.
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