Importance Of Geo Politics In Pakistan

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INTRODUCTION Geo Politics is defined as the impact created by a country on other neighbouring countries due to its Geopolitical position. This impact also affects the politics of the region as a whole. Pakistan is at a location which is of great importance in political ,strategic and economic sectors. It has been centre of activities of great powers since the start and has witnessed intervention of three great powers i.e Britain, USSR, and USA. Pakistan is located in Southern Asia and shares border with four countries which include India, Afghanistan, China and Iran all of which are of great importance in the international politics and play a major role in it. Geographic Location Of Pakistan Pakistan is located in South Asia covering almost 882,000 km2 And shares border with four countries, Towards north Pakistan shares border with China, Towards south there lies the Arabian and Indian sea, Towards east of Pakistan is India and towards west Afghanistan and Iran share borders with Pakistan. USA’S INTEREST IN PAKISTAN USA has always been involved with Pakistan as they recognized the value of alliance with it and how it might benefit them in the future. One of the main reasons of this was because Pakistan is located in Persian gulf which produces over 60% of world’s oil.  Us government being fully aware of geostrategic importance of Pakistan defended Pakistan on multiple occasions. In 1971after dismemberment of Pakistan its army chief at that time told his government if he
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