Importance Of Geography In National Education

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National history plays an important role in Singapore 's National Education(NE) programme because it fosters nationalism. While other subjects like geography and political science can also help to achieve National Education goals, history is the most effective discipline. Firstly, one may look at geography. Through geography, it allows each individual to understand various physical features, living atmosphere, and human activities within a country. It also involves the understanding of population, resource distribution as well as economic activities occurring within a country. Since geography allows citizens to understand their country better, it plays a powerful role in achieving national education. According to Ingold(1993), he stated "through living in it, the landscape becomes part of us, just as we are part of it"1. Living on a same landscape or geographical location fosters a sense of sameness and unanimity. It can reflect and impact on people 's identity naturally. By living on a same land, it brings about ideological messages which defines a national community. Moreover, geography allows people to gain understanding on symbolic values that could be synonymous with a country 's national values and identity. Next, one may look at political science. Political science is a discipline that studies and analyses systems of government and a country 's political activities. It deals extensively with politics both in theoretical and practical aspects. It gives people an

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