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GLASS CEILING: Glass ceiling is a transparent barrier to a woman’s career advancement in an organization; its existence is not noticed till one bumps into it. It is very difficult to shatter the barrier which prevents a woman from reaching the top of the career ladder. Though anybody, especially those who belong to racial/religious/ linguistic minorities could face such barriers, Cotter et al (2001) are of the opinion that the barriers are more due to gender than due to any other attribute. In-fact, Glass Ceiling is a specific type of gender inequality. The specific criteria which make it distinct from other types of discrimination are as follows: 1. “A glass ceiling represents a gender discrimination which is not explained by other job relevant…show more content…
“A glass ceiling inequality represents a gender or racial difference that is greater at higher levels of an outcome than at lower levels of an outcome”- This means that the discrimination is more severe at the higher rungs of the corporate ladder. E.g.: the gender inequality or the underrepresentation of women is not constant throughout the hierarchy, there are very few women at the top compared to the bottom of the pyramid. 3. “A glass ceiling inequality represents a gender or racial inequality in the chances of advancement into higher levels, not merely the proportions of each gender or race currently at those higher levels”- In short this means that the promotions and the increase in salary are more gender biased at higher job levels than at lower levels. 4. A glass ceiling inequality represents a gender or racial inequality that increases over the course of a career” – This means that the gender gap in income or authority increases with the length of work experience. According to Wright and Baxter (2002), “Glass ceiling is a specific claim that the obstacles women face to promotion relative to men systematically increase as they move up the hierarchy”. Thus glass ceiling represents inequality within an assumed environment of meritocracy and that women are the most likely targets of this inequality. What all is considered as inequality has been defined differently by different scholars. E.g.: income, prestige, promotion…show more content…
The following figure is an appropriate representation of the glass ceiling. Suryanarayan Shalini (2015) collected primary data from around 510 males as well as females employed in IT companies in Bangalore and Mysore. The findings reveal that • There is a sharp decline in the number of women from junior level to the top level of management in IT companies. • This is evident by the fact that only about 2% of the women make it to senior positions in comparison to 17% of the men who do so. • Compared to their female counterparts, male engineering graduates have a 16 times greater chance of bagging the Senior Management positions. • As far as the engineering post-graduates are concerned, men have a 4 times higher chance of getting into senior positions compared to equally qualified women. • In short, men show at least 8 times greater probability of promotion to senior levels than women with similar

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