Importance Of Global Citizenship And Cultural Understanding

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Global citizenship And cultural understanding
These days the world is in great danger. People are suffering from education crisis, joblessness, homelessness, healthy food problems, security issues, increasing illiteracy ratio, increasing suicides ratio, increasing illegal activities, increasing population ratio, increasing pollution ratio and every year these issues are multiplying. Countries are investing a lot for the solution of these problems but instead of getting solution, Facing economical issues and losing peace. One solution can be helpful for these crises and that is Global citizenship. Global citizenship means, now boundaries are remove, people can move anywhere in the globe and able to work and live anywhere without restrictions. This can only be done if the world come up
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Which is not good because people are trying to limit their culture? If one culture will marry in other culture then they let other to learn their culture and they themselves will also learn from other culture. That how the things will work and people will get close to global citizenship and remove the cultural barrier.

• Cultural understanding in regards to business.
Cultural barrier can also be remove. If people start business with other culture. Because when they will spend time with each other and through business they will also come across to their culture.

• Cultural understanding in regards to education.
Cultural barrier can also be overcome through education. If cultures start to include course content of other culture in their course and let different teachers teach their children. Their children from young age start to learn different cultures. If they grow up in this environment so they defiantly contribute a lot in global citizenship. Because for them there will be no culture barrier. And elders take time to learn different things as compare to younger one. Government should concentrate on their youth if they want

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