Importance Of Global Transportation System

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Global Transportation System Management Globalization has facilitated trade and totally changed the traditional definitions of trade. Centuries ago trade was mere exchange of goods and services. It is termed as national trade which happens among the two or more states of a country. International i.e. between two or more countries and now it has become global. Improved transportation is required for global trade. It becomes important for the companies to make their products reach their customers on time and efficiently. The transportation system management comes into picture for timely delivery of the products. Transportation management systems or today we can call them as global transportation systems enables to apply strategies that can help…show more content…
The software’s like ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) help to reduce the errors related to data entry. It also enables the companies to take accurate decisions by having a closer and efficient management of supply and demand logistics. Therefore it ensures proper functioning of warehouses and makes the companies take better decisions for reducing the extra cost of freight management. Customer satisfaction: Customer satisfaction is the key driving and success factor for every company. Global transportation systems management helps companies achieve the most important aspect of a business- customer delight. The global transportation system also uses the system known as reporting and analytics helps to understand and examine how the choices within the system facilitate increased or decreased efficiency. At the time of transit of goods companies have a choice of carriers depending on various parameters like the time taken, cost and insurance. The system enables to track our patterns and determine the efficiency of our choice. For example if the company chooses a carrier 10 times because of lower cost, next 5 times the company chooses the least expensive one. After a month or so when the reporting software is used it shows that although the carrier was chosen 10 times but…show more content…
Companies those use audits and consolidation software’s are able to save 2 to 5 % of the total bill of freight. The transportation management systems have helped accounting software’s allows to catch the unnecessary charges and the forged payments. Thus transportation management systems enable improvements in the cash flows and save the companies from unnecessary payments.(Adam Robinson, 2013) Transportation Systems management includes management of orders, events and claims. Selection of carriers and optimization of load, manifestation of parcels, execution of shipments are few important segments of global transportation systems.. Under its segment of Business intelligence it includes the reporting and analytics software’s that enables companies to have a closer look at the efficiencies of decisions and enables companies to take better and planned decisions. Order management: companies have decentralized systems and Global order management systems enables to manage orders from single as well as two or more sources. The order management segment in the transportation system allows the companies to choose either from electronic interfacing or manual operations. It facilitates proper and detailed management of order for the sake of managing more than one order at same time

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