Importance Of Globalization In English Literature

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The Information Technology revolution and the process of globalization have brought about the primacy of technical education to the forefront, and relegated the study of humanities and Literature to the background. Indian education system is churning out close to a million engineering graduates every year. While the number of colleges and students increased, there has been a discernible fall in the academic standards. It is just a consequence of the general degradation in idealism and morality in our democratic polity and society. Some of the surveys revealed that many of the technical graduates lack proper communicative ability and core technical skills. Many eminent scholars and writers of the previous generations emphasised the sanguinary effects of teaching English Literature to students. Some the advanced countries have now realised the need for…show more content…
Globalisation is essentially a reintroduction of capitalism albeit in a new avatar under the camouflage of a new disguised nomenclature. The main difference being that this time around it is transnational business across boundaries. It is seen by some as an economic imperialism imposed on third world countries by the large multinational corporations from the developed world to convert the third world countries as large markets. Some would call it a commercial hegemony by the Big Brother and its Western allies. Gone were the days when the influence of English language was viewed as cultural pollution and imperialism. Now the free trade across national boundaries happens largely through English-language medium. This has become a sheer necessity as the business is transacted across nationalities and

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