Importance Of Goal Setting Essay

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GOALS SETTING Cambridge Business English dictionary defines goals setting as the process of deciding what you want achieve over a particular period. So Goal setting may be defined as an individual process which puts a person into action in order to realize his dreams within a definite time frame. Goals are very powerful and shape our dreams. It gives us focus and motivates us to better to realize our dreams. Goals give us a sense of direction to move ahead in life. Goals are time sensitive and its outcomes depend upon time horizon. Goals may be short term that covers a short period of time of a few days or weeks and it may be long term that has a time span of several months or years. Every normal being has dreams and goals to accomplish but a few are able to…show more content…
Writing and reviewing your goals every day will inspire you to achieve them.  Set worthy goals: A goal is something that you really want badly. It requires enthusiasm, hard work and commitment. Also goals have a significant impact on your life that would transform your life and make you proud. So set goals that are worth.  Make an action plan: To accomplish your goals you need an action plan. Once you have determined your goals, you need concrete steps to reach your destination. Like to move from place to another you need to know the route, the same thing applies to goal setting.  Stick to your plan: Now the route is clear and destination is known to you to reach your goals. All you have to do now is to stick to your plan. This will keep you motivated towards the accomplishment of your goals.  Sometimes it is wise to follow a schedule than a deadline to reach your goals. Successful people prefer practice over performance. They stick to their schedules for practicing things on continuous basis. What is essential to accomplish goals, continual practice and following up a plan on continuous
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