Goal Setting: My Ideal Future

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Goal setting is a powerful process for thinking about ideal future and for motivating to turn vision of the future into reality. The process of setting goals to choose where someone want to go in life. By knowing precisely what one want to achieve, by knowing where to concentrate all efforts. Also can quickly sport the distractions that can easily lead goal astray.

My first goal is to be a manager in a multinational organization my action plan is to get a better knowledge in marketing, strategy, operations and general management in a multinational company, learning these areas will help make a good manager who understands completely all the workings of the company.
My second goal is to become a company financial officer, in my MBA I have been able to learn about
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It begins with a reaffirmation (and sometimes, Recalibration) of business strategy, explores the implications of that strategy for organization, considers changing conditions in the environment, and through diagnosis identifies organizational problems and performance gaps.( Dawson Consulting Group)

Strategy structure alignment are as follows;
Assessment: gathered data on strategy, organization and business environment using interviews, authentic research and observations. Data is organized into issue categories and fed back to management in a way that supports affirmation and learning.
Design: The design process gores through a series of design steps including scale and rank assessment, the design of vertical Alternatives and side processes and structures, impact analysis, these steps are geared to execute strategy and address Organization and cultural issues.
Alternatives – Choice: Changes in organization are based on a selection from among a set of choices. Because any organization requires making trade-offs, the choices are worked through discussions that focus on the advantages and disadvantages of

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