Importance Of Goal Setting

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We often set goals and make various plans but never follow through with them. The reason for this can be attributed to ones inability to effectively set goals and specify implementation intentions. Without a specifically defined goal and a plan to guide our goal directed behaviour, individuals are often confronted with the grim reality that they have failed to achieve their set objective. Effective goal setting entails firstly identifying the objective to be accomplished, defining goal difficulty, clarifying goal specificity and finally specifying how and when performance will be measured. Individuals that disregard these steps often fail to act on their set goals and thus, fail to accomplish their main objective. The first step in goal setting usually involves outlining the objective to be accomplished. This is quickly followed by defining goal difficulty. Goal difficulty refers to how difficult the goal is to accomplish. With effective goal setting the more difficult the goal, the better as this energizes and motivates the individual. Thirdly, there is goal specificity and this entails producing a goal that clearly outlines what is expected of the individual or informs the individual of what he or she should do. In regards to effective goal setting, goal specificity involves quantifying the goal in numerical terms. Once goal difficulty and specificity have been outlined, you then state how and when performance will be measured. Having discussed this, if one were to
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