Successful To Achieve Goals

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Life is like a waitress, get it served how you ordered no complaining. In other words we as individuals dream of accomplishing the “American dream,” having the biggest house, supercars, money and the perfect family. Although some people say to make your goals realistic and to limit your goals because of avoiding failure and wasting your time. I believe that in order to achieve the goals you as an individual want, you will need to have dedication, persistence and time to be educated as well as successful to accomplish the goal. Growing up I was always looking for ways that I could be a little different form the rest,. It started from not skating like the others but instead I used to BMX with other people, Now it seemed like it was going for really well for me as I entered a contest to…show more content…
My mother knew a coach that needed a player for his team, It was my brothers team and they needed a goalie. I ended up trying it out and started playing games. Now over the time I grew and grew and kept gaining experience on the game that I will eventually end up falling in love with. I was received with a blessing to go train with professional staffs and goalies from Chile, Brazil and Mexico. As I was getting known around I kept getting into Division 1 and state teams in Virginia. I played for Arlington, Team America and Annandale. We faced many battles as well as sometimes losses but nothing couldn't stop the amount of team effort and love for the game that we all had and it lead us straight to victory. We grinded until we had one almost every trophy. I took dedication, persistence and let time do all it’s work to help me better over time. I never stopped believing that I couldn’t become the best so here I am trying to become the best. By setting the goals I learned to take as much time as you need for you to become
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