Importance Of Goals In Life

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“You should set goals beyond your reach so you always have something to live for.”(Ied Turner) This quote talking about making goals so you always have something to work for. The significance of dreams and goals is immeasurable. As a result of these goals that person now has something in life to work for. The one goal I want to keep close to my heart forever is helping others. For many reasons this goal has substantial importance for the reason of it can make a difference in people 's lives, they could help then help other people, it could help other people become happier.
Having an impact on people’s lives has an immeasurable importance, even if they never know who did it. Not only can one small action that a person does have an impact on another person 's life more than they know, but also it assists the person who did the act and make them feel more jubilant. Similarly, just asking how a new student’s day went, even if they are a new person that that student has not talked to before. That person may never know what goes on in that student’s life or the impact they had. In addition, comforting another person can lead to that person feel better too. Also, the person doing the act may never know what that person has gone through that day so when a kid or adult chooses to act charismatic towards another student or co-worker they can have a tremendous impact on that person 's life. Furthermore, When a person becomes a solace for a friend who needs a person to trust or to
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