Importance Of Goals In Life

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Goals are those powerful lights that illuminate the complicated odyssey of life, and they are responsible for the realization and materialization of our dreams, which later can be converted into the heritage that we will left to the world behind us. There can exists innumerable ambitions that we as humans want to reach but rarely complete, because there are not enough confidence and hope. I always visualize myself as someone making a difference in society leaving a permanent mark anywhere I walk. As any other goals my goals in life involve a lot steps, but depends in each individual to take action and work in his desired vision. Representing my culture, my community, and its achievements and at the same time willing to argue for their defense, would be one of my greatest honors in life.
In the first place, in order for a person to be able to represent someone or something has to have the capability to negotiate and handle all kinds of situations, in other words that person has to be “Well-Rounded” a person with experience and critical knowledge. Those previous traits explained my deep desired goal to attend to an university and overcome my expectations to in that form someday I could be able to represent and help the people who in a certain time where there willing to help me, inclusive helping to push others to brake the expectations and labels that society imposed under us as Hispanics, my goal in life is to be a symbol with the meaningful message of “Hope and Success”

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