My Future Goal

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Purpose- By reasoning, I have come to the decision that going back to college is an important goal in my life. Furthermore, to advance in my career I need to further my education. Reasoning in my thinking is what allows me to have goals or purpose in life, also it helps me than figure out how to achieve the goal. My purpose (goal) in life is to be a nurse. I have a tremendous passion for helping people. To achieve my purpose, I first had to take a class to become a nursing assistant. Second, I worked many years as a nursing assistant. Third, I recognized this is what I want to do as a career, so I began the long journey of enrolling in college to take some elective classes to pursue my purpose. Fourth, I completed the LPN program. …show more content…

The first question I asked myself was, how are you going to be able to go back to school, being a single mom, with a mortgage payment, and having no other option but to work full-time? This was a hard question to wrap my head around at first, especially when all the negative thoughts about school are popping into my head. I realized the first thing I needed to do was take everything one step at a time so I could get all my “ducks in a row”. First, I needed to apply for college and financial aid. Who would have guessed that was the easy part? After getting accepted to SCTCC, my next step was, talking to a guidance counselor about my goals and what I wanted to accomplish at SCTCC. After producing a plan of attack on how to accomplish my goal, I then needed to sign up for classes. Of course, when I was signing up for classes I needed to ensure going back to school was not going to affect my full-time work schedule. I was able to work out a full-time work schedule with my boss while committing to a full-time school schedule. This was overwhelming, but with positive attitude and support, I could accomplish the goal. Furthermore, the one thing I was worried about the most was the fact that I was not going to be able to spend as much time with my daughter, who needs me. Thankfully, my mom and dad were willing to come and stay with my daughter and I while I was going to school during the day and work during the evenings. After attending school for a couple of months, everything seemed to fall into place and all my schedules seemed to be working well together. Don’t get me wrong, this was extremely stressful, and I was extremely lucky if I would get four and a half hours of sleep a

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