Good Eating Habits Research Paper

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There are many things in life that are related to habits. Including good habits, bad habits, they can be divided into good morning habits and healthy habits. Learn a lot about the benefits of good habits and how to do it to stay healthy. All these articles are telling us a common point, that is the importance of health. The main purpose of my research is to find out the good habits that are worth studying. Through these studies can help more people find ways and advice to develop good habits, the contrary is how to simply correct those bad habits.

Julian Cymbalista-Clapp “Bad Habits and the Best Ways to Quit Them” /health/wellness/10- bad-habits-and-the-best-ways-to-quit-them/. Background: This study uses a selective method to tell
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It focuses on Morning Habits. I think this article mentioned the good habit of the most important is to eat breakfast, a lot of people ignored the importance of breakfast on the body. I know a lot of people around us don 't have the habit of eating breakfast. But if we don 't eat breakfast, a lot of bad will impact on our bodies. Eating breakfast can help us get a lot of energy, it will help people more concentrate and focus in class or work. Also, it can let our life is full of vigor in the morning. I think it 's something we all need to be aware…show more content…
Finally, this article focuses on the desire and motivation of smoking to reduce exercise.

Macpherson, Ross “Bad career habits.” Quill. Mar2006, Vol. 94 Issue 2, p24-25. 2p.
Background: This research is mainly focused on people encountering many things during their working lives, and some negative things will lead us to produce bad habits. This study summarizes the causes through these negative events and finally gives some suggestions and methods.
Description: This research surface is a suggestion for those who lose confidence in their work, but this is actually advice for everyone. All of us often encounter more kinds of troubles in our study or work, but when we have problems or difficulties, we cannot be retreat or escape, because it will cause us to encounter more problems or to develop bad habits. This study tells us to calmly solve the problem.
Relevance: This research will be of great help to those who lose themselves and lose confidence. When people reduce or correct those bad career habits, success will come closer to

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