Importance Of Government In Australia

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1. We need government to keep the country towns and states under control. Also they give us road to drive on and parks to play on. If we didn’t have government if there was no federal government anymore. Imagine that one day government just disappears and the people that still exist and the infrastructure is there, but the laws, rules, systems and policies disappear.
The federal government was created by the Constitution of Australia, which came into effect in 1901 at the time of Federation. The structure and powers of the government were outlined in the Constitution. Similar to the Westminster System of government, the Commonwealth of Australia is divided into three separate branches: legislature, executive and judiciary.

3. Federal:
1. Defense: Army and Military Services
2. Taxation: Money paid as Tax
3. Immigration: Coming to live in a Foreign Country for a LONG time
4. Postal Services: The mail is a system for transporting postcards, letters, and parcels
5. Trade: In the use of a Fair Trading (Trade Fairly)
6. Environment: Environment and respecting creatures that live alongside of us
7. Commence and Currency: takes care of money and transfers different currency to people
8. Telecommunications: Provides internet, calling people and messaging
9. Air Travel: Provides airports and keeps care of bad people from entering another country
10. Pensions: A regular payment made by the state
1. Schools: A place to get education
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