Government Impose Restrictions On Cafeteria Foods

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Should the Government Impose Restrictions on Cafeteria Foods? Is society aware of the government’s capability to impose restrictions on the foods that primary and secondary school students are eating? What foods do students most enjoy eating for lunch and are these foods allowed to be served in their school cafeterias? The government is finding ways to improve the cafeteria food so that it is healthier for the consumers. These improvements will result in healthier and more wholesome lunches and breakfasts across the country. Although many do not think of healthy, nutritious foods as tasty or delicious, the government should impose restrictions on the foods served in cafeterias because they choose foods that are nutritious for children, and…show more content…
The United States Department of Agriculture did research to determine which foods students should be eating while at school to get their proper nutrition. According to the USDA, school lunches for elementary schools should be required to haves less than 1230 mg of sodium (Jalonick). Nutritious foods are said to be fruits, whole grains, dairy products, and vegetables. The government and schools are having trouble to incorporate these foods into meals that children will enjoy. Children not having the proper nutrition will lead to numerous health problems later on in…show more content…
Teaching students that their diet should consist of whole grains, fat free or low fat, reduced sodium, saturated fat, and trans-fat might reduce the need for the government to impose restrictions on cafeteria foods. Page Break Works Cited Jalonick, Mary Clark. “Government Relaxes Nutrition Standards for School Lunches”. PBS. Associated Press. 1 May. 2017. Web.10 Jan. 2018. Hasan, Aalia. “Should Government Impose Restrictions on What Kinds of Foods Can Be Served in School Cafeterias”. 2017. Web. Leonard, Kimberly. “The Great Government Takeover.” USANEWS. The Report. 5 Jan. 2018. Park, Madison. “USDA issues new rules for school meals.”CNN. 25 Jan. 2012. Web. !7 Jan. 2018. Vilslack, Tom. “Why Healthy School Meals Matter.” Health. Health. 03 May. 2013. Web. 19 Jan.
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