Importance Of Grammar In Bhutan

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Grammar is the foundation for learning any language. In Bhutan, English grammar forms an important part of the curriculum. English language was introduced since the modern education was introduced in the country and it is medium of instruction in teaching and learning. English is the second language for Bhutanese students and studying grammar is very important. Grammar is central to the teaching and learning of language. The rules of English grammar are guide that helps to communicate effectively. Grammar provides the structures that are needed to organize and put the messages and ideas across. Thus, this essay explores the reasons why teaching grammar is essential in teaching and learning in Bhutanese classroom: English is the medium of instruction in the classroom, teaching English grammar helps the second language learners to learn easily, to enhance effective communication and to build the four strands of language in order to overcome the challenges in communication.
Firstly in Bhutanese classroom, English is a medium of instruction. Although Dzongkha is the national language, equal importance is given to English because after English became the global language, English is highly emphasized in many countries. Bhutan too felt the importance of English .With the introduction of modern education in Bhutan, English is taught as a medium of instruction since 1961. Besides Dzongkha, all other curriculum subjects are taught in English. The teacher and the learner use English to
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