Importance Of Grammar In Bhutan

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English now has emerged as a global language and most of the instructions in schools, colleges and institutions in Bhutan are offered in English medium. Ever since the advent of modern education in Bhutan, English for Bhutanese students was no exception. Over the past few decades, education planning and policies have taken phases of changes in shaping and strengthening the education system and preparing the curriculum in line with the suitability of Bhutanese context. Series of curriculum changes have been taken place for English and different subjects. English Grammar is taught by giving equal importance with other genres in literature such as short stories, essays and poetry. Grammar plays an important role in interpreting different genres logically, clearly and comprehensively. Therefore, this essay, discusses the importance of building students’ language, integration of grammar in Bhutanese curriculum and grammar taught integrating with language and literature. First, English grammar forms an integral part of language and teaching English with grammar dates back to the introduction of modern education in Bhutan. Chin (2000) asserts that “Grammar is the sound, structure, and meaning system of language. All languages have grammar, and each language has its own grammar.” In the early phase of modern education in Bhutan, grammar was taught as a separate subject by emphasizing more on English grammar in Bhutanese classrooms. “Grammar teaching assists students to

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