Importance Of Grammar In Bhutanese Grammar

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Teaching and learning English grammar has been a challenging task in Bhutanese classrooms. Grammar provide students with the structure needed to organize and covey the messages and ideas in a proper way. The concerns and comments are expressed in Bhutanese society regarding the need to teach and learn English grammar. Moreover, with globalization and modernization it is essential to teach grammar in schools. It is essential to teach grammar, and much of the effort spent arguing against the teaching of grammar can be better spent on persuading true believers in grammar instruction that grammar has newly defined but useful role to play in language teaching and in showing them what it really is. English termed as a second language for the Bhutanese learners, teaching and learning of English grammar will foster the Bhutanese students to acquire understanding of the language structure, nature of the language and communication skills both in terms of written and spoken aspects of the language.
Firstly, Teaching of English grammar will help the learners organize the structure of the language, to be an effective language user. If a student in a class has got a good knowledge of English grammar, the construction of good sentences is possible which would be clear enough to understand. On the other hand, the improper use of grammar will fail to convey correct messages. Tabbert (1984) highlight the importance of grammar teaching that “students confuse lie and lay, do not choose who
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