Green Computing Essay

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Sri akilandeswari women’s college, vandavasi
Green computing is an effective method of protecting our environment from the hazards material and its effects from computer and its related objects like printer, monitor, storage devices, and networking and communication systems. Its goal is to shrink risky these equipment and to maximize the effectiveness of the product lifetime. Efforts have to be taken from recyclability and bio-grad ability of waste goods. This can be done through this green computing .The usage of computers in all fields is growing nowadays .the carbon contents released by these goods are also growing day by day, it affects our atmosphere growingly
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Such as transporting, agriculture, IT, medicine etc.we have great machine and equipments to accomplish our tasks, great device with royal look. Features make our life more impressive and smooth. The main of green technology is to reduce the energy efficiency during the goods lifetime and encourage the recyclability and bio-grad capacity of goods and portion waste. The green computing technology can have the following benefits-
1. Buy energy star peripherals: Using ENERGY STAR goods help in energy conservation. Energy star reduce the amount of energy enthusiastic by a product by robotically switching off into “sleep” method when not in use or reducing the amount of power used by a product when in “stand-in” method. In Australia, stand-in primary aspect for the country’s increased greenhouse gas emission-more than 5 megatons per
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The price for this type of paper usually is not much more than for other grouping of papers.

Fig6. (Example of recycling paper)
2. Recycle that paper: Most metropolis and towns offer free recycle bins and compilation of recyclables for the elimination service. Commonly, they have low-cost choice available.
3. Don’t throw your old, obsolete computer away: Globally over 35 million PC’s are terrified away every year-yet there are many concern now salvage or put back into working order components or entire computers. Don’t chuck it away. Your old computer might be attract something either to a merchant, a local school or a charity
4. Sleep method: Sleep Method save our conference and put our computer in a low power state so that we can quickly start again windows. Always put our PC on a sleep method when not in use .Save up to 60-70 energy of electricity. Fig 7.(Example for sleep method)
5. Turn down monitor intensity: Electricity utilization plays a main role in CO2 production. If we use our PC at a normal intensity. So we should turn down our PC’s brightness to save

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