Importance Of Green Environment Essay

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Green environment practices are essential in preserving the environment and its atmosphere from harmful hazards towards all the living things in Earth. Our actions towards the environment are very important today because future generations will see and observe by themselves as they learn new things throughout their ages. From this, they may gain new knowledge as they learn from their elders and put them into practice in their daily lifestyle. Some environmental issues happen nowadays, because many people tend to become unaware about what happen in their surroundings. Their attitudes towards the environment are one of the major cause, resulting in various issues happen in this millennium era. Some of these sectors such as development,
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It can be done by planning strategically before the project starts. By planning, nature can be preserved in correct manner and people does not have to worry about their future environment.
Thus, by planning and constructing a best way to preserve the environment and the climate should be start right now before everything is too late to mend and there is nothing to preserve for our future generations. For example, using eco-friendly appliances such as air conditioner to be installed in rooms allocated rather than using other appliances that are wasting a lot of energy are advisable to reduce the emissions of chlorofluorocarbon (CFC), which may affect our climate. Not only that, developers are advisable to reduce the use of metals and glasses as the outer design of their modern building. It is because these materials are reflecting and radiates heat from the building itself towards the Earth’s atmosphere, and this may resulting to urban heat island which the temperature within this developed area are hotter compared to its surrounding

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