Importance Of Green Environment In Restaurant

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CHAPTER 1 The Problem and Its Background
Environmental sustainability becomes a trend in the restaurant industry; green practices in the foodservice are now more popular to the consumers. Exert efforts from the different government agencies particularly the department of environment and natural resources to protect our natural resources. The Non-government organization (NGO) and the private industries promote public awareness about protection and preservation of our natural environment. People should start to think all over again on how they can help to protect and preserve the environment for the future generation of mankind. It is only proper that people take care of their environment by having green practices, and the restaurant
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The researcher emphasizes the importance of practicing sustainable methods such as reduce, reuse, recycle (3Rs), waste management, eco-friendly cleaning materials, energy and water conservation. The researcher would also like the study to aid as a basis of other food service establishments in the country to improve further their practices in conserving and protecting the environment. It will also open up an idea of helping the environment to cope on a daily waste that the restaurant industry are producing that deplete and exhaust the overall beauty and capacity of the country’s natural resources. The researcher also points out that the costs to maintain a restaurant establishment is very high, that is why this study aims to help restaurateurs to understand and learn to minimize their operating costs through sustainable methods that will save them a lot in terms of financial. This study also wants to show the importance of being an eco-friendly establishment which can also be a basis for environmental…show more content…

2. What are the green practices being employed in the selected food service establishments in the south of Metro Manila in relation to the Green Restaurant Association’s (GRA) Certification for Green Restaurant Standards in terms of:
2.1. 3R (reduce, Reuse, Recycle)
2.2. Proper waste management
2.3. Eco-friendly cleaning materials
2.4. Energy conservation (water & electricity)

3. Is there a significant difference in the green practices of the selected foodservice establishments?

4. What are possible solutions, recommendations or suggestions for the improvement of implementation of green practices in other food service establishments?

Assumption of the Study

The researcher will assume that the selected food service establishments in the south of Metro Manila will answer the different questions related to green practices of their restaurant truthfully and objectively and not limited to the recycling, waste management, eco-friendly cleaning materials and energy conservation (water and electricity). The researcher assumes that each participant will cooperate well when the survey questionnaire regarding the employed green practices of their restaurant will be conducted.

Significance of the

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