Importance Of Green Innovation

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3.1.2 Green Innovation Green innovation is the exploitation, production, or assimilation of a service, production process, product, or management and system methods novel to the organization adopting or developing them (Kemp and Pearson 2008). Pollution, environmental risks, and other negative effects on resource use (including energy use) throughout its life cycle are significantly reduced by green innovation. Similarly, Wong (2013) suggest that the decreased environmental impact of firms is facilitated by green innovation, thereby enabling firms to integrate environmental benefits and meet eco-targets. Although the importance of green innovation has been discussed extensively (e.g., Zailani et al. 2014; Wong 2013), limited understanding on…show more content…
Environmental management here is refer to GSCM that is implemented in business’ operation. Support and commitment from top management played a key role in the implementation of succesful internal environmental management [12; 15]. The required resources in implementing the new technology and the new knowledge will be more easily available and circulated within the organization if the top person in charge for these resources supports the plans [15] 3.1.3 Relationship between GSCM and Green Innovation The increasing importance of green innovation is becoming promising area in the green supply chain management which companies can eliminate direct and indirect environmental impact of an organization’s final product [10]. Green innovation concept can support the implementation of GSCM by providing the new idea, approach or technology to manufacturers in developing new products. Green innovation is believed to provide continuous seeking ways to innovate each stage of supply chain in order to gain competitive advantage and decrease the environmental problems in industry [15]. Hence, it can be considered that green innovation concept is underlying GSCM practices. It is supported by…show more content…
Besides green procurement is a solution for environmentally concerned and economically conservative business, and a concept of acquiring a selection of products and services that minimizes environmental impact (Salam, 2008). Zsidisin and Hendrick (1998) in a multinational investigation identified key factors for green purchasing including providing design specification to suppliers that include environmental requirements for purchased items, cooperation with suppliers for environmental objectives, environmental audits for supplier’s internal management, and suppliers’ ISO14001

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