Importance Of Green Marketing

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The issues related to environment safety and sustainability have gained significance all over the world. As a response to global warming, India and the other developing economies need to find solutions which result in economic and industrial growth without sacrificing the environment. Green marketing that is something that will continuously grow in both practice and demand and support in protecting environment1.

This paper attempts to:
1) introduce the concept green marketing,
2) briefly discuss the importance of going green,
3) Examine present and future prospects of green marketing by the businesses,
4) Mention the challenges with green marketing.

The present research paper is
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[Polonsky 1994]3
Thus green marketing is a holistic management concept which identifies, forecasts and fulfills the demands of the consumers and the society in a way which minimizes dangers to the environment yet profitable.


While looking through the literature there are several suggested reasons for firms increased use of Green Marketing. The major reasons for importance of green marketing are:
1. Organizations perceive environmental marketing to be an opportunity that can be used to achieve its objectives [Keller, 1987; Shearer, 1990].
2. Organizations believe that they have a moral obligation to be more socially responsible [Davis, 1992; Freeman and Liedtka,1991; Keller,1987; McIntosh, 1990; Shearer, 1990;]
3. Governmental bodies are forcing firms to become more responsible [NAAG, 1990;]
4. Competitors environmental activities pressurize firms to change their environmental marketing activities [NAAG, 1990;] and
5. Cost factors associated with waste disposal or reductions in material usage forces firms to modify their behavior [Azzone and Manzini, 1994;]
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Eco –mark Scheme introduced by Government of India in 1981 was a major step towards the promotion of green marketing in the country. The basic objective of eco-cataloguing is to provide authentication to genuine claims regarding the environmental impact of products and processes by manufacturers. Environment Protection Act in was implemented in 1986 and Environment Audit in 1992 for the protection of the environment. It promotes green marketing and eco friendliness by way of banning plastic bags, helping its automotive industry to develop greener vehicles by supporting hybrid and electric vehicles that will generate
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