Importance Of Grit And Growth Mindset Essay

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Have you ever asked yourself how individuals like Josh Waitzkin are capable of doing great thing in their lives. Well the answer to that question is simple, it is all whether that person has grit and is living with a growth mindset. Once you get those two down you will be able to achieve in your personal life, academics and career. The only question is what is growth mindset and grit and how does one develop it.
The word grit is not exactly a common word that everybody knows. But people like Angela Lee Duckworth are saying grit is a way better indicator to find out about someone’s success. According to Duckworth, “Grit is passion, stamina and sticking for your future.” Knowing now what grit is, one can see why it helps in academics. A person that chooses to do a particular thing in life and sacrifice other things in order to do that, at one point he or she will be very successful. Well this was what Josh Waitzkin did, and it is known as having grit. Anyone that tries to imitate what Josh did but puts his or her effort in academics will
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Being gritty means to not give up and continue, having a growth mindset means learning from criticism. Successful people have learned from their mistakes and have embraced them, they stick with those goals and interests over the long term. For example, a pro baseball player with grit is not going to be giving up when time gets hard. He will continue playing hard because he has passion and works hard. He will become a fantastic baseball player.
All in all, a gritty person with a growth mindset will achieve greatness, because they do not see failure as an option. People who are not gritty are most likely to avoid challenges, ignore criticism, give up easily and that is why that are not as successful as gritty individuals with a growth mindset. And this is how grit and growth mindset will help you in your academics, personal life and
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