Importance Of Grit In Othello

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Ebonyrose Campbell
Ms. Milliner
January 18, 2017
Final Paper The play “Othello” written by William Shakespeare alludes to social injustices between not only women and men but also racially. The characters in this play are very dynamic in their emotions and Shakespeare showcases this multiple times throughout the whole play. The characters’ use of grit and a growth mindset helps to explain the cause of their demise. Grit and having a growth mindset go hand in hand with improving the qualities of one’s life. Using grit allows you to plod on to achieve whatever goals you have for yourself despite feeling as though you are being left behind. This quality can be the key to success since you are training yourself to become used to pushing
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Ultimately, Shakespeare created art that touched the lives of many people. His characters are written in a way that makes them relatable in this day in age. Many of the characters in his play “Othello” utilized grit, which is the ability to stick with a task and sustain progress until you 've completed your goal, and a growth mindset; which is the belief that intelligence is able to grow and be cultivated through experience. Iago successfully manipulated Othello into believing his wife was cheating on him through his grit. Othello was extremely gritty when he decided to kill Desdemona. Desdemona utilized a growth mindset when she tried her best to convince Othello she was loyal and also that Cassio was an innocent man deserving of his position. Emilia used her grit when she risked her life to defend Desdemona. Ironically, grit can be compared to having a fixed mindset, which is the belief that your qualities are “carved in stone”, because grit requires you to be stubborn in achieving success. Someone with a fixed mindset is also stubborn in the way they present themselves to people. So in a way, both grit and a fixed mindset can be classified together. Furthermore, a select number of characters in “Othello” use grit and a growth mindset throughout the play to achieve their
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