Importance Of Group Dynamics In An Organization

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Get Results! The English Dictionary (1998, p.147) defined office as a room or area where business/organization is being run. An organization is a setup where individuals from different backgrounds and educational qualifications come together to work towards a common goal. These differences become the factor of office politics. Moreover, differences between people at work, their opinions and conflicts of interests are often manifested as workplace politics.
Initially, this interrupts human communications and relationships in the working environment. Every organization is considered a group itself. However, behavior of an individual and groups in organization is very important. Group Dynamics is basically deals with attitudes and behavioral
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The organization should be seen as the neutral party who will listen to everyone. The company should encourage group cohesiveness by making the group smaller when assigning a project and also agreement with group goals. They should also increase the time members spend together. They should also increase the status of the group and the perceived difficulty of attaining membership in the group.
Stimulate competition with other groups/companies. They should also give rewards to the group rather than to individual members. Organization can should give their employees a regular schedule that they will need to stick to in order to get all of their work done and encourage creativity by promoting new ideas with these employees and giving them more responsibilities which will be initially stop them worrying about what other peers are doing. Some employees will come to work with a bad attitude every
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Management must implement specific procedures for resolution while maintaining optimal working relationships. These procedures allow employees to voice their concerns and have the issues resolved internally. Conflict management also helps employers document the circumstances surrounding a particular incident and how the matter was resolved. This will assist employers if a similar situation arises.
Set up a three-step disciplinary process if an employee has unacceptable behavior or attitude, that includes formal notices such as: verbal warning, first report in writing, and second/final report in writing. The organization should also train their supervisors to deal effectively with problems that do arise and not wait until it gets out of hand. Management must have good control on its employees. Every employee should be aware of the goals and objectives of the organization.
Issues should be addressed on an open platform for all to get a common picture. Transparency must be maintained at all levels. Problems should not be discussed in closed cabins. In such situations an employee wouldn’t know what is being discussed with the other member and eventually develop a feeling of hatred and jealousy against him/her. The management must not blindly support and show unnecessary favoritism to an employee which apparently leads to politics at the
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