Importance Of Group Work

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Do you cringe when a teacher or boss says "Group project!"? Typically working in a group setting is tasks that people either really enjoy or completely despise. Group work is hard, a person is depending on another person to do his or her part, and sometimes one cannot really depend on another person. The key to good group work is communication; being able to communicate effectively is a life skill that will propel a person 's success. Whether in a group setting or working one-on-one with an individual, if the communication is lacking then the project or success of the meeting will lack as well. People do not typically read minds of others, a person must tell another their idea, thoughts or feelings about issues in order for them to build trust, cultivate respect, mutual learning and goal accomplishment(1). When a person is able to use communication in the form of written, oral or body language to express how they feel about a subject, the listener is better able to understand what the person saying. Listening is half of the battle when it comes to effective communication; some may say it is actually more important than talking. A good listener is something people take as a compliment because without listening a person does not understand what is truly going on with the other individual. Listening also cuts down on time because it allows the speaker to drop their defense and express how they feel without feeling the need to defend their feelings, reducing the emotion
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