Importance Of Guiding Your Child Behavior Assignment

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Guiding your child behavior assignment
Jalisa A Braswell
CHS 111.92 ECE
December 13, 2015

When children become defiant, the child is not trying to disrespect, frustrate or annoy us. The goal is to feel important. But the child defiance threatens our own needs. We (the child and adult) try to feel important, easily getting entangled in a power struggle. The question to ask is, how do we know we are in a power struggle? You know when you get frustrate and irritated. You want to be the dominate person. Margaret Wilson stated, “But teachers never win power struggles. Once you’re in one, you lost. And so has the child: No one wins a power struggle.” (Margaret Wilson, 2013) One of the best way to avoid power struggle and help a child who does not listen in class is work with that child calmly. Work with him or her in ways that honor his or her needs of feeling important. First build a positive teacher-student relationship. Even though the child is misbehaving let the child feel you still care about them, include them in activities, and recognize their success. Secondly, reinforce progress and effort. Let the child hear when they are doing good and improving. Don’t let them hear all the negative he or she has done. Make a point of observing the success of the child if big or small while following directions, doing things that might invites resistance. Supporting the behavior by letting the child know you have seen the behavior, but do it in
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