Guns Are A Necessity For Safety Essay

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Guns are a Necessity for Safety “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun” commented Wayne LaPierre, the NRA’s chief executive officer (Resmovits 1). In the recent years there have been more and more school shootings and parents, teachers, and officials say it is about time we upgrade the security in in a classroom by arming teachers. Teachers are the first line of defense and the protectors of their students. Teachers are in the first line of fire giving them guns would give them another option of safety. Teachers should be able to carry weapons at school in order to themselves and their students. Teachers are the first responders. “If a gunman comes through the front doors of your school, what do you do,…show more content…
“We would rather guns protect us than pencils and and rulers and scissors” commented Matt Templeton, graduate from Harold High School (YouTube. “The school where teachers are armed”). A school is a place where they ban every weapon, in the event of a crisis there will be nothing to protect them. If a teacher has a gun they will have have a safety tool which is better than tools in a classroom. Students go to school almost everyday not knowing what the day will bring them. With a teacher carrying a gun there is less to worry about than there already is in a day of a life for students. “A teacher having a gun in a classroom makes me feel safer as long a teacher has training and knows how to properly use a gun” stated April Jolley stay-at home mom (Murphy 5). Not only do students feel safer, but their parents feel safer as well Parents send their precious children off to an environment where anything could go wrong and get dangerous within a few seconds. Once something bad happens then the parents don 't have the confirmation that their child is alright and safe. Knowing teachers have a gun control is taken place and a big weight off their shoulders knowing everyday their child will come home safely everyday. Students go off to school where no one knows what could happen. If a gunman does decide to come to the school, the students know their teacher will protect
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