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Hair Extensions

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Hair extensions have been a highly sought after fashion accessory since they were introduced. In the past, women and men with short hair had to wait for years to grow their hair long. With the availability of hair extensions, you can change your looks dramatically by wearing long beautiful hair all of a sudden. Hair extensions allow you to wear a completely different hairstyle anytime you want, giving you the freedom to experiment with various hairstyles and create the perfect look for a specific fashion identity or occasion. They are indeed an invaluable accessory for fashion-conscious people. Hair extensions are also known as artificial hair integrations, and they are used for
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It involves separating the hair into “tracks” and braiding each section into “cornrows” in the direction that the hair will fall. The tracks can be continuous or parted, and they establish the foundation for the end result of the integration process. Then, a special needle with a blunt end is used to sew, weave, or stitch the wefts onto the cornrows. Threads come in many different colors to suit the color of the hair extensions that you are installing. Weave extensions are known to last longer than most other hair extension methods.Glue ExtensionGlue can also be used to bond wefts to natural hair. The glue used is a special keratin-based hot glue that is gentler on your hair. It can be molded at a lower temperature, and it is easily removable. The process involves gluing groupings or strands of hair extensions to your natural hair. Smaller groupings will give you a more natural look. Gluing techniques include hot glue gun, pre-bonded hair strands, heated pots, and specialty heating appliances. Clip-In ExtensionClip-in extension is one of the easiest ways to install hair extensions. Clips are sewn to the hair extensions, and they are discreetly placed in your hair, near the scalp. Clip-in hair extensions come in many different styles, and they are a great option for those who wish to use temporary hair extensions. The best clip-in hair extensions are clip human hair extensions that come with a compact clip. Micro Link or Ring ExtensionThis is a very straightforward way to install hair extensions. A grouping of natural hair and a grouping of hair extensions are slipped into a metal ring. Then, the ring is fastened to secure the attachment. This method is sometimes called “linkies”.ShrinkiesShrinkies are also referred to as adhesive-lined shrinkies and keratin shrinkies,

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