Layered Razor Cut Haircut Essay

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some men having the same style look like an escaped convict?! Well, believe it or not, a mohawk style on a woman looks quite fab… as long as you know how to act cool about it. Take Rihanna for example, that girl was daring and bold enough to wear the cut. As long as you have the confidence in you and it suits your personality and taste, then I must say that you try it out. If you have a fine hair and a heart shape, then this is the cute short haircut that is fitted for you. 2. Layered Razor-cut Haircut A layered razor-cut is somewhat messy and generally unbalanced to look at. However, it served its purpose of looking trendy especially for those women having long faces. This is one of the cute short haircuts since it helps you make your face…show more content…
It’s simple yet classy despite the imbalance on the lengths and cuts of your hair. Most asymmetrical cuts are perfect for any hair texture so there is no fear that you will ruin your hair. Even celebrities with the likes of Rihanna, Paris Hilton and one of the Olsen twins supported such look, which they did with a great bang and a thumbs up. However, if you have a round face shape, then definitely this is one of the best hairstyles dedicated for you. So better visit that salon now and ask your image stylist to cut it fashionably irregular. 4. Layered Short with Bangs Once you go to your favorite salon and you don’t have anything in mind, why not keep it down to simplicity? Have a short layered haircut and ask the one who cuts your hair to cut some bangs just to add some style? The layered cut will add a bit volume to it and the bangs will make your haircut trendy. For ladies who have a wide forehead that they are a bit conscious about, having bangs will hide it and you will be conscious no more. 5. Short Cut and a Middle Hairline If you are one of those women who have a square face, you might consider parting your hair in between (ensure that it is really in the middle) and have it cut short. The middle hairline will do wonders to your square face and you will look both classic and

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